We missed you! Today, we’re happy to introduce Peter Studio.

If you’ve already been through this, you know that pivoting is not something easy, whether for your community, your investors or your team.

Last May, both Jérémy and Stephen decided to leave Peter for exciting new projects. Jérémy is pursuing his passion for education while developing new amazing skills on growth hacking, you can learn more about his latest hacks here. On his side, Stephen is about to become a true digital nomad and is preparing for a crazy world trip, you can also follow his journey here.

Good luck guys and thank you so much for everything ❤️

I couldn’t not mention our investors whose support has been inflexible. We’re grateful for that and feeling extremely lucky to have you on board 🙏

Say hi to Peter Studio 👋

During the past few months, Laurent and I have been working hard on something completely new that we would enjoy making 24/7 again. We think that we finally found it and we wanted to share it with you!

Peter Studio is an AR agency that crafts augmented reality experiences for startups, e-commerces and Fortunes 500. These AR experiences work on Snapchat or Safari for now; they can be easily use for branding purposes, events, online shopping and Ads campaigns without any limits!

We started just for fun 🍑

When we heard about Snap, Apple & Facebook road maps and their intention to open their platforms to 3D developers, the timing was just perfect. Laurent had previously worked on Peter AR (an app that teaches you about historical figures in AR) and drastically improved his skills in 3D design and animations.

To be honest, we purely made our first AR concepts to make laugh our friends, and we feel like we’ve done that pretty well… Try it yourself and let us know!

Our best AR experiences like the Twerking Peach, the Impolite Cat or the Unicorn immediately started to get traction this summer and we’ve been amazed to see public stories shared with our filters everywhere around the world, from Los Angeles, Paris, Dubai, Tokyo or even the Great Pyramid of Giza! 🐫

Create in 3 mins, ready in 48 hours ⚡️

In September, some of our friends started asking us if we could make AR filters for their company and that’s exactly what we did.

Starting today, you too can create your very own AR experience for your brand in just 3 mins and it couldn’t be more easy! Just visit hipeter.co, hit “3D model” or for instance “AR Ad” and design your own AR effects in a few clicks.

Begin by selecting your marketing objective between brand awareness, traffic, engagement, videos views, app installs or catalog sales. Then you can start designing your own AR experience and pickup between facial effects and world experiences, select your styles, add animations…

With AR, the only limit is your imagination, literally. If you have an idea in AR that you would like to try out for your brand, let’s get in touch!

P.S. May be you’re the talent we’re looking for, please have a look to our jobs positions and say hi if you have any questions at js@hipeter.co

Co-Founder at Aria.fm — Part-Time Director at The Family — jswallez.com

Co-Founder at Aria.fm — Part-Time Director at The Family — jswallez.com