The Emotions Framework — Building products for human feelings

The Environment: Source of Emotions & Actions 🐯

I see a tiger, I feel afraid, I run or fight — I see an apple, I feel hungriness or satiety, I eat it or leave it
The environment-emotion-action flow (internal stimuli are an other source of emotions)

Designing 2D Products Like 3D Environments 📐

Try to picture yourself navigating your app in 3D — Vredeman de Vries

“I very frequently get the question: ‘What’s going to change in the next 10 years?’ I almost never get the question: ‘What’s not going to change in the next 10 years?’” — Jeff Bezos

Including Emotions in Your Product Research 🧩

Any product has to match a specific need, have the right set of features/UI, trigger engaging emotions
The Junto Emotion Wheel — Emotions linked to threats are at the top, emotions linked to rewards are below

Any product is an interface between two emotions.

The Emotions Framework in Action 🎯

Slide 1. Title; Slide 2. The app 3 tabs/features; Slide 3. Emotions we want to trigger; Slide 4. New tabs/features

Be Authentic 🧸



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