From 1 to 100K users in 48 hours 🚀

“Call me back when you have some traction”

Meet Peter 🙈

Peter’s powered by a unique combination of human and artificial intelligence.

Peter’s super easy to use: just send a question, wait a few seconds and you’ve got the help you need from a qualified tutor. It really works like magic! ✨

Our early users were pumped!

Marketplace equilibrium ⚖️

Gilles suggesting us to put a queue to take control back of our user growth and experience

The queue jumper hack 🚀

“Guys, if we can keep doubling every day, or even just every week, we’ll be up to 10,000 users really fast!”

Houston, we have a problem! 👨‍🚀

As you can see on the graph, we had 40,000 new students sign up IN. A. DAY.

An amazing team 💪

“Success is obvious”



Co-Founder at — Part-Time Director at The Family —

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