From 1 to 100K users in 48 hours 🚀

“Call me back when you have some traction”

When you launch a startup, the most common sentence you’ll hear from an investor is “Looks interesting — call me back when you have some traction.” I heard it all the time with my first startup, Noospher, and I always left the meeting wondering, “Well, how do I know when we have traction?”

Meet Peter 🙈

Marketplace equilibrium ⚖️

Everything was great but we needed to find our marketplace equilibrium.

Gilles suggesting us to put a queue to take control back of our user growth and experience

The queue jumper hack 🚀

What is this? This is basically a waiting list that the user can jump by sharing Peter with others. Anyone can sign up for Peter, but they’re then put on a waiting list. The fastest way to jump up that list is by sharing Peter with your friends 🙊

“Guys, if we can keep doubling every day, or even just every week, we’ll be up to 10,000 users really fast!”

But Peter didn’t double every day. On Day 3, he absolutely exploded 💥

Houston, we have a problem! 👨‍🚀

An amazing team 💪

That’s when the questions about “traction” came together with something that Oussama told us one day about product-market fit:

“Success is obvious”

For us, success meant constant server crashes, upgrading capacities every 12 hours, and not sleeping at all over the holidays. But as a team, we came together, got the support we needed and overcame every issue that came up. And it just keeps going, and we’re grateful for it.



Co-Founder at — Part-Time Director at The Family —

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Jean-Sébastien Wallez

Jean-Sébastien Wallez

Co-Founder at — Part-Time Director at The Family —