This framework I built over the past few months helped me better understand the role of emotions in product research, cut through the noise of designing complex user experiences, achieve higher metrics and onboard my teams in the same direction. I hope you’ll find it useful as well 🙂

The Environment: Source of Emotions & Actions 🐯

I see a tiger, I feel afraid, I run or fight — I see an apple, I feel hungriness or satiety, I eat it or leave it


Being in consumer for almost 10 years now, I’ve seen and built many products based on users core motivations.

Skull of a Skeleton with Burning Cigarette by Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890)

Last weekend, I discussed with entrepreneurs from The Family about behavior design and frameworks to build addictive products.

I shared a secret. I believe that “addiction is the new growth” and…

Today, we’re happy to introduce the Eiffel Moon, the first augmented reality experience made for the Eiffel Tower and that you can now try on Snapchat!

Shot on an iPhone X using Snapchat. No after effects have been added to this picture.

The “most-everything” landmark

Last week, the Eiffel Tower celebrated its 130 years old birthday. Opened on the 31 March 1889 for the World’s Fair, the 324 meters…

We missed you! Today, we’re happy to introduce Peter Studio.

If you’ve already been through this, you know that pivoting is not something easy, whether for your community, your investors or your team.

Last May, both Jérémy and Stephen decided to leave Peter for exciting new projects. Jérémy is pursuing…

It’s amazing what a team of passionate friends can achieve together when working 18/7 in a house (with a nice view to the sea) during 3 months.

In 90 days, we redesigned our product from scratch, talked to 10K+ users, developed a ‘cutting-edge’ software to map our code (that ended…

Peter’s Co-Founders: Jean-Sébastien Wallez, Jérémy Brunet, Stephen Zambaux and Laurent Allard

We are pleased to announce that Peter, the Messenger tutoring bot that lets middle and high school students help each other out, raised €400K in its first financing round with Kima Ventures, The Family and other business angels.

Founded in December 2016, Peter showed impressive traction by getting 100,000 sign-ups in 48 hours, forcing us to rethink our go-to-market strategy.

“Most students are not happy spending their days in a boring classroom and very few people seem to care about it… We want to build a product that is simple, playful and where the student is at the center of the experience. Most of our inspiration comes from the new peer learning models that we see emerging around the world.” Jean-Sébastien Wallez, CEO of Peter

We now aim to reach 10,000 courses per week over the next 18 months.

Jean-Sébastien Wallez

Co-Founder at — Part-Time Director at The Family —

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